Denny DiPaula: The artist

Denny DiPaula, the artist

Reflecting the Rocky Mountains

My work is influenced by the western landscape and alpine terrain of the Rocky Mountains where I have lived for the past 40 years. The natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains is reflected in each uniquely crafted piece. My art draws from the history of the west.

Native and Iconic Western Materials

Borrowing from the natural surroundings, from the highest mountains to valley streams. River rock, barbed wire, antique hand hewn barn beams, antler sheds and horse shoes are just a few of the materials incorporated into my work.

Textures of the Western Landscape

Inspiration comes from the quiet of the sunrise
The loneliness of a mountain top
The flow of a river
Added to years of fly fishing, skiing and Wildland Firefighting
Making truly unique visions come to life.

I am married with two sons, living in Boulder, Colorado.

If you would like to learn more about my work please CONTACT Poorman Design.

Denny at Work